Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Chicks in Room 6

Last Tuesday Jo from Living Eggs brought us an incubator, brooder and eleven eggs. We were going to watch the eggs hatch. When they hatched we got to hold them. They felt soft and comfy, and we were the lucky classroom because we had the chicks with us all the time. 

We had eleven chicks in Room 6 for two weeks. There were nine boys and only two girls. Someone called one of the boys Stella! When the chicks were growing we were holding them but when some people held them too long, they wanted to go back to the brooder. They got tired quickly. I liked to hold them because they were soft and cute but they got very noisy when they got bigger. I was brave because I helped the little kids hold the chicks when they came to our room. 

Today the Rm 2  came and they brought their iPad to take pictures. Ethan and I took out the chicks and gave them to some of the Rm 2 children to hold. Tomorrow the chicks are going back to the farm to visit their  mum and dad and maybe their other brothers or sisters. Some of the class are crying and sad because they are going to miss them so much.

It was so sad but I hope there are going to be some more chicks coming. I am trying to be brave
but the chicks have gone.

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